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Quarta – Compact size wax tank equipped with powerful Glowcore™

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Introducing the Quarta wax atomizer from Longmada, without a doubt the most revolutionary concentrate atomizer to ever hit the industry.
Powered by advanced Glowcore™  heating technology
Quarta comes with an efficient heat source that seals off a spiral electrical trace in the bottom of a pure quartz chamber, nothing will contact your materials except the quartz surface. It heats up fast, instant glowing red, but transmit the heat evenly , fully atomizer your wax/concentrate oil/shatter, release the smoothest and purest atomizer.
Equipped with clean Quartz chamber
1. It is made of inert quartz, no exposing coil, less chemical reaction, no carbonization, no burnt taste, no harmful byproducts, provide you an enjoyable and clean atomizer experience.
2. One-piece quartz chamber, wickless, holes, no leakage, no waste
3. Easy to maintain. It is very easy to wipe off the debris from the smooth surface of the crystal after each use, then reduces any sort of residual taste, make sure you can enjoy the purest atomizer every single time.
4. Replaceable design, you can recycle using this tank, save money.
Convenience compact size 
This powerful atomizer is 49mm long, and 19mm in diameter, It’s convenient to carry it out, then you can enjoy the pure and smooth wax atomizer anytime and anywhere.
Are you excited to see it? Now it available in Longmada. Samples test or bulk wholesale, please visit www.longmada.com. You can also contact us directly.
Email: info@longmada.com / sales08@longmada.com
Skype: longmada08

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